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British Accountancy Awards 2015 finalist
British Academy Awards finalist 2016
British Academy Awards finalist 2017
British Academy Awards finalist
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Finrego was founded in January 2016.
We help clients to start, run and grow business in the UK providing services for startups, sole traders and micro limited companies.
We offer business formation & registration, bookkeeping & accounting including final accounts, payroll & returns including CIS, VAT alongside a business development to maximise business grow and a range of financial solutions to improve business cash flow.
We are proud to be nominated as a finalist at The British Accountancy Awards. However our success is measured by client’s satisfaction with services provided and their contentment with own business.


Finrego Ltd is owned by CEO and Practice Finance Director Diana Hurta.

“I know the challenges of running and managing a business. I started my online business accidentally when I got very ill. I decided instead of looking for a workplace, to create one for myself. Having experience in accounting, combined with my academic knowledge in enterprise management & corporate finance (graduated with honour), helped me to start my online accountancy business.”

Diana Hurta helps business owners and directors who need a hand to start or grow their business, help to learn how to manage business finance and improve a cash flow. She can help transform business, reach heights, and have a profitable business, and successful, balanced life. She use own created system and proven techniques helping businesses to change the way their think, operate and lead.

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Finrego is an online company and all our people work remotely across England and abroad.

We works with skilled professional people who can deliver a quality and support client at every stage of their business.

Our people consist from our trained administrators and bookkeepers, qualified accountants and business advisors. We work closely with experts in their industry to support our clients.

Our team speaks other languages apart English, therefore can assist our clients to understand better their business, accounting, taxation and finance.


Finrego provide business and finance solutions. Therefore we have partnered with various companies who can deliver products & serivces to improve your business.

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Business Registration Service London

Business Registration

Before starting a business there are many things to consider. We can guide you through each of the key sections of business formation and registration process.

Book-keeping and Accounting services London

Bookkeeping and Accounting

As a business owner or company director, running a business could be frustrating. Let us help you by taking care of your bookkeeping.

Payroll and Return Service London

Payroll and Return

As a business owner or company director, you have legal responsibilities against authorities. We can help you to meet your tax obligations.

Corporate Finance Service Londin

Corporate Finance

Whatever your size of business, based on prepared financial reports, you can make a better decision, improve a cash flow and increase a profitability.

Business Growth services London

Business Growth

With financial plan we can help you to meet your financial goals. We have partnered with finance providers who can offer various funding solutions.

Business Development services London

Business Development

For further improvement of your business success, we offer business and financial consulting, preparing strategies and training programs.